The answer to significant, permanent weight loss lies in these two natural ingredients...

Dr Oz hails them as the: 'World's number #1 miracle in a bottle' and '...the magic weight loss cure for every diet!'

Dear friend,

I’m going to come right out and say it:

Enough is enough.

Enough of the fad diets and obsessive exercising. 

Enough of those products that claim to help you shed your excess kilos but just drain your wallet.

And enough of the turmoil you’ve endured in your pursuit to get your dream body.

There IS a simple solution that will change the way you feel about losing weight and recharge your motivation to get your perfect body.

No, you won’t have to starve yourself.

No, you won’t have to spend hours in the gym.

And no, you won’t have to cringe every time you look in the mirror because you hate what you see.

This solution comes in the form of two simple ingredients.

And all it takes is 30 seconds of your day…

Before I tell you what it is, let me ask you a question:

What do you think it takes to burn fat and lose weight?

Use the Way Your Body Burns Fat… To Burn Fat

If you’re anything like most people, you probably think it takes a growling stomach, lots of sweat, and a few tears along the way to burn the fat that just doesn’t go away.

But the truth is: You need to get your body to 
harness your fat stores for energy. Your body has to:

I know what you're thinking: "That's great, but how is that possible? It doesn't sound easy."

That's where you're wrong.

Introducing the Ultimate Permanent Weightloss Solution

After a lot of research, FSP Nutritionals have come up with a fat burning, weight blasting combo. It's our very own bullet proof Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones combo.

You’ll see how you can claim your own risk-free 30-day trial bottles of this premium fat burning solution in a moment, but first let me tell you a little bit about it.

Ingredient #1:
Raspberry Ketones Use Your Body’s Own Hormones 
to SUPERCHARGE Your Metabolism

Raspberry Ketones – as the name suggests – is the natural substance in raspberries that gives them their fabulous aroma.

Not just Dr Oz, but Hollywood A-listers like Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lopez, Seth Rogan and Oprah Winfrey sing its glories.

Scientists first became interested in it because of its molecular structure. They found it was very similar to capsaicin and synephrine – two natural chemicals known to boost metabolism.

But what scientists were most interested in was the effect on your body's production of Adiponectin - a hormone in our fatty tissue that makes our body burn fat.

Raspberry Ketones INCREASE your body’s secretion of adiponectin!

Japanese studies have shown it: Here’s what the experts have to say:

“Raspberry Ketones liberate the fat in your body, and your body burns it for energy.”

~ Lindsey Duncan, Naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist

“Raspberry Ketones help enhance the body’s own capability to burn the fuel trapped within our fat cells.”

~George Rogers, Cardiologist, Seton Heart Institute

Now before you go and buy out the raspberry section of your nearest grocery store – because I know that’s what you’re planning… I would! – I have to stop you.

To get any effect from this ingredient you’d have to eat over 41kg of raspberries!

Yes, 41kg!

This compound is found naturally in such tiny amounts, that the best way to get it is in supplement form.

I know you’re already imagining how superb you’re going to look in your swimsuit when these ketones win the war against your fat cells, but remember I said there are TWO ingredients that guarantee you a way to permanently blast fat away.


Ingredient #2:
The Acid of This Unroasted Green Coffee Bean is
Attacks Your Fat  

“Green coffee beans are the hottest weight loss product in America because they work!”

~ Lindsey Duncan
Naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist
It’s the chlorogenic acid and numerous antioxidants in the unroasted Green Coffee bean that holds the secret to real fat loss.

Chlorogenic acid stops your blood from absorbing sugar.

Sugar that could otherwise convert to fat!

Studies have shown it:

Together, the unroasted Green Coffee beans and Raspberry Ketones work to boost your adiponectin levels and so burn fat faster.

In fact, the International Journal of Medical Research published the following study:

It took 30 overweight individuals and divided them into two groups.

One group consumed instant coffee and the other group consumed instant coffee enriched with 200mg of green coffee extract for 12 weeks.

At the end of these 12 weeks, the results were remarkable.

The group that took green coffee lost 3.8kg more than the group that just had instant coffee.

And the group lost 2.9% more body fat.

This without any change to their diet or exercise habits.

Phenomenal what these two ingredients can do for your soon-to-be-slim figure, isn’t it?

But this is just what they achieve on their own.

Imagine the effect of taking both Green Coffee 
and Raspberry Ketones TOGETHER…

I could go on and on in much more detail about the benefits of Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones, but I’m afraid this letter would take you an hour just to read!
It’s important for you to know that, unlike many cheap and inferior supplement products on the market, Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones are manufactured under stringent quality controls to ensure the potency and stability of the product and its ingredients.
I’m confident in the research and formulation of Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones. In fact, I’m so confident that Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones can help burn fat, I made sure you would receive the opportunity to try it as part of a Risk-Free Trial Offer!
Yes, that’s right — you can claim your 30-day supply of Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones right now. If you order directly from this special offer, FSP Nutritionals will send you a R399.95 bottle of Green Coffee and a R199 bottle of Raspberry Ketones. You cover only a small R99 shipping and handling charge. For your convenience, you will also be enrolled in our convenient and money-saving Smartship program (don’t worry, you can easily cancel at any time).

Plus — Receive a FREE Bonus
When You Try Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones
You’ll also get a FREE Copy of our Special Report: Eat the Foods You Love, Lose the Weight You Hate. This is another R149 value, yours at no cost.

In this information-packed report, you’ll discover:
  • Why you don’t need to limit the amount of foods you eat to lose the weight you hate.
  • How to eat to feel satisfied after a meal – and to never starve yourself when trying to control your weight. 
  • The ways you can eat delicious foods even when you’re trying to shed the kilos.
  • How to stop counting calories and rather focus on the health effects of the foods you eat. 
  • The best way to steadily and naturally control your weight without giving up the foods you love. 
  • Why you need to control your weight now to benefit from overall health and wellness in future.
  • How millions of people are benefiting from eating the foods they love and losing the weight they hate. 
Well, I know I’ve taken up a lot of your time today. So here’s the bottom line:
You can choose not to take advantage of this Special Offer and let another year go by. But when you look in the mirror next year at this time, you will still see that apple or pear shape, and still be concerned about your weight and metabolism — with good reason.
Or you could choose the easier path . . . Don’t you at least owe it to yourself to try seeing if Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones could make you happier when you look in the mirror? Happier when you see your clothes fitting better, your energy levels up and metabolism running smoothly . . . maybe even impressing your doctor with your numbers at your next check-up?
What’s stopping you? If you’ve read this far, I know you’re concerned about your health. You have nothing to lose (except those extra kilos) — and everything to gain. Please click the button below right now for your own 30-day risk-free trial bottles of Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones and FREE Special Report.


Not Convinced? See What These Happy
Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones Users Told Us:
I was previously just using the raspberry ketones and found those to be amazing at helping me with my weight loss but using them with the green coffee has really boosted my weight loss. I've been using these combined pills for the past three weeks and the difference in my figure is amazing. I would highly recommend these.

Thomas K. (UK)


I haven't changed my diet or exercise regime at all but I do find that I have more energy and seem to have less cravings for bad food. So snacking on the wrong stuff is no longer an issue. After just a month I've had comments about my weight loss, even my face is slimmer. Just ordered my second pack. I cannot recommend highly enough!

M. Reading (UK) 


I used this secret to get healthy, burn fat and now I'm 25kg lighter. I also now make better eating and exercising choices for my lifestyle.

Claire Richards


I used it to toss my “mom fat jeans” and get into my size zero wedding gown for my nuptials.

Jessica Simpson


I used it to slim down after I gave birth to my son Blaze, and lost all my pregnancy weight in just three months.

Kate Winslet


"The revolutionary metabolism booster that you’ve never heard of and a fat burner in a bottle."

Dr Oz

Claim your bottles of Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones
plus a bonus gift!

We're so confident that Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones can help you boost your metabolism and burn fat that we'd like to give you the opportunity to take advantage of this SPECIAL OFFER!
Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones are specially formulated all-natural dietary supplements that have been individually selected to help lose the weight you hate.
Try your first bottles of Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones if you want to:
• Burn fat – FASTER and EASIER than ever before; 
• Block the formation of new fat; and
• Stop fat dead in its tracks.
Plus if you act now, you will also get our special report titled,"Eat the Foods You Love, Lose the Weight You Hate" as a bonus gift. This special report is packed with the information and practical advice to steadily and naturally control your weight without giving up the foods you love.
Your Special Offer
Yes! Sign me up now for a 30 day trial supply of Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones (a R599.90 value). PLUS send me my Special Report, "Eat the Foods You Love, Lose the Weight You Hate" (a R149.95 value) right away.
This is almost a R750 value that I can get for just R99 to help cover shipping and handling.
If I like Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones , I simply do nothing and I will receive it at 33% off the regular price through your convenient Smart Ship Program – only R399.95 a combo.

Your Iron-Clad Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with your order. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, please return any unused product within 30 days for 100% refund of the entire purchase price less shipping and processing. No hassles, no questions asked.
*Summary of Offer Terms: By taking advantage of this offer, I agree to pay R99 including shipping and handling for my first one-month trial supply of Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones. I have no further obligation to buy anything in the future, as long as I cancel within 21 days of the day I place my Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones trial order. If I do not cancel within 21 days of the day I place my Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones trial order I will be enrolled in the Smart Ship program. This means that beginning about 22 days from the day I place my Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones trial order and every 30 days thereafter, the Smart Ship program will conveniently send me a month supply of Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones at a 33% discount (only R399.95 for both bottles, charged to the same card I provide below) and I will enjoy free shipping with all future shipments. I'll never have to worry about reordering or running out of product. Plus, I'll be backed by your 100% money-back guarantee, so I can return any unused portion of my order within 30 days of delivery and I will be refunded for each bottle of Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketones that I return. Return shipping charges will not be reimbursed. I can cancel at any time by calling customer service at 086-111-4365 with no further obligation.

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